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RES Course

Course notes for property agent wannabe

Real Estate Salesperson (RES), aka property agent, is regulated by Council for Estate Agencies (CEA).

CEA is the regulatory body for all things concerning properties in Singapore, including administering the examination. You can find out more on how to register for the course and exam here.

The RES Syllabus is prepared in the context of Singapore laws, rules & regulations governing estate agency work and the transacting for all types of properties in Singapore.

The Syllabus

The syllabus is structured into 4 โ€œCompetency Unitsโ€:

  1. Real Estate Agency Industry Overview & Basic Land Law Concepts
  2. Dealings with Interests in Land
  3. Regulation of Real Estate Agency Industry & Real Estate Marketing
  4. Property Transactions

Do read up what is expected of the syllabus, last updated 2023.

However, they can cover beyond the syllabus, including the latest property laws and cooling measures. So still have to read widely, be knowledgeable, and apply intellectual deduction.

Each competency unit is further divided into 2 parts, and we lump all the financial calculations in place:

  1. Competency Unit 1A
  2. Competency Unit 1B
  3. Competency Unit 2A
  4. Competency Unit 2B
  5. Competency Unit 3A
  6. Competency Unit 3B
  7. Competency Unit 4A
  8. Competency Unit 4B
  9. Financial Calculations

Some other information: Miscellaneous, Glossary

Past Year Exam Papers

These are some of the providers with 1,000+ questions for you to practice: