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RES Course

Competency Unit 3B - Marketing


  • 4P: Price, Product, Place, Promotion
  • Private Treaty
    • Can vary the price anytime, can nego
  • Auction
    • Bid to compete, with reserve price
  • Tender = Blind Bidding
  • Details MUST be in print (except classified ads)
    • EA name
    • EA license num = “CEA Licence Number 1234”
    • RES name/business name
    • RES registration num = “CEA Registration Number 1234”
    • RES contact num
  • Classified ads exception
    • NO need licence & registration number, and can abbreviate names
  • Footnotes min font size 8


  • Industrial Government Land Sales (IGLS) by JTC
    • Tenure up to 30y
  • Open Land Application Scheme (OLAS)
    • OLAS unlike IGLS, assess based on business growth
  • GPR 0.8-2.5
  • Min 60% industrial
  • Max 40% for ancillary offices, etc
    • But no more than 25% for offices
    • Must be related offices
  • Land Rent
    • Revised yearly in Jul
    • Max 5.5% increment
  • Temporary Occupation Licences (TOL)
    • Up to 3y
  • Property tax payable is based on 10% of the annual value

Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act

  • Refund within 60d
  • Claim up to $30k
  • Can cancel contract within 5 days
  • Unfair Practice = false claim, etc
  • Can claim within 2y from the occurrence of the unfair practice
  • Excludes sale and purchase of residential properties (but includes rentals)
  • Includes financial product & services


  • Tribunals hear claims up to $20k
  • can be raised to $30k, if both parties agree and file a Memorandum of Consent online
  • At the Hearing, both parties will have a chance to present their cases to the Tribunal Magistrat
  • Lawyers are not allowed to represent any