How to pay lease stamp duty?

28 May 2024 Guide

This is a guide on how you you can pay IRAS the stamp duty for a signed Tenancy Agreement.

How much?

0.4% x Average Annual Rent x number of years (cap at 4 years)

Who pays?

Either the tenant or landlord can pay the stamp duty. The standard practice is for tenant to pay.

How to pay?

  1. Go to > Login > Stamp Duty > Login with your Singpass
  2. Stamping > Lease & Tenancy
  3. Fill the form in the 7 sections. I’ll highlights the important fields:
  4. Select Lease/Tenancy Agreement > Acceptance to Offer of Lease
  5. Format of Document can be Physical or Electronic. If Physical, you will be able to upload the PDF later.
  6. Date of Document = Date of signing the Tenancy Agreement. IMPORTANT: The date should be LESS than 14 days from the stamping, otherwise there is a penalty fee.
  7. Make payment using PayNow/etc

Once paid, you can download the Certificate of Stamp Duty.

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