You can set any Asking Price on PropertyGuru

09 May 2024 News

Asking prices on property portals such as PropertyGuru can be set to whatever you want. As long as you’re an agent who pays the platform, you’re free to list any property, write any fancy description, attach any photo/video, and set any price.

I know because I am an agent.

In fact, a trick to know how much you can fetch for a sale/rental is to list it first, and then see if there’s any enquiry or not.

In the most recent news, the authorities have flagged the listings of two HDB flats that were put up for sale for $2 million.

The authorities noted that five-room flats in the precinct changed hands for around $580,000 over the past six months, and that the $2 million asking price is more than $800,000 above the combined value of two five-room flats.

said many property experts deem it an “unrealistic asking price”

will not condone behaviour, whether by agents or sellers, that seek to disrupt the market or fan consumer sentiment

We should not expect housing prices to increase indefinitely amid global economic uncertainty and geopolitical instability.

Now you know better, when you see listings on PropertyGuru.

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