Rental occupancy cap increased from 6 to 8

24 Dec 2023 Rental

Rental occupancy cap will be relaxed temporarily between Jan 22, 2024, and Dec 31, 2026, to better meet rental demand, said HDB and the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) on Wednesday (Dec 20).

Prior to the announcement, the maximum number of unrelated tenants is cap at 6 for 3-room or bigger. For 2-room or smaller, it is cap at 4.

Sublet Flat Max unrelated tenants
<= 2rm 4
>= 3rm 6

As for private condo, it is cap at 6 regardless of size.

New in 2024

With the change, 4-room and bigger can now accommodate 2 more tenants.

Sublet Flat Max unrelated tenants
<= 2rm 4
3rm 6
>= 4rm 8

As for private condo, the cap is based on the strata area. If you have a big landed house, you can get 2 more tenants too.

Sublet Private Max unrelated tenants
< 90sqm 6
>= 90sqm 8

This is a sensible good change. 👍🏻