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Can an agent represent himself or family?

Take note of commission when representing people you know

Yes, it is possible for an agent to represent himself or his family members. But do take note of the following from CEA when youโ€™re a property salesperson. You should disclose upfront and, of course, you cannot dual represent.

Representing yourself

  • Disclose to other party on 1st viewing
  • CANNOT represent the other party (obviously canโ€™t dual represent)
  • CANNOT co-broke with the other party

In other words, an agent cannot earn any commission when representing himself. In the transaction, the agent is basically a buy/seller (DIY without any agent).

As for new launch project, the same rule applies. An agent cannot earn any commission. However, usually, agents are entitled to priority booking.

An agent can also get another agent (who can earn usual commissions) to represent him.

Representing family members

  • Disclose to your family member if youโ€™re collecting co-broke commission
  • CANNOT represent the other party (obviously canโ€™t dual represent)
  • Can co-broke

Agent can earn commission as per normal.

It is optional to disclose your relationship to the other party.