Launch Update - Week 25

19 Jun 2024 Launch Updates

We track the weekly changes for you to easily know which projects have sold the most, who has bounced units, and who has price increase/decrease. These are the changes from 12 Jun 2024 till 19 Jun 2024.


Project No. of units sold
Hillhaven 6
The LakeGarden Residences 5
Tembusu Grand 5
The Continuum 5
Klimt Cairnhill 5
The Botany at Dairy Farm 4
Hillock Green 4
North Gaia 3
The Myst 3
Lentor Hills Residences 2


Project No. of units unsold Units
Lumina Grand 2 #04-25, #09-38
North Gaia 1 #11-07
The Hillshore 1 #03-05

Price Decrease

Project Average Decrease No. of units Units
The Reef at Kingโ€™s Dock -$30k (-1%) 2 #10-13, #01-13
Hill House -$62k (-3%) 2 #04-06, #03-02

Interested in any?

This weekly update gives you a good idea on how projects have performed over the week.

Prices and availability are subjected to constant changes. For more information, you can refer to the launches or get in touch if you need to know the details of the project and units availability.